Why you need to move into Westgate villa

In the summer of 2016, a team of Australian researchers headed by Dr. Peter Pecher and Dr. Andrew Nisbet headed to Westgate for a field trial of a new drug treatment for Lyme disease.

They were given a six-month supply of the drug by Drs.

Suresh Patel and David Gilder at the University of Sydney.

A second batch was given to the Australian research team in March.

Pechers and Nisets were given only the first dose of the first batch. 

“In one of the sessions, I was told the drug was not very good and I would have to stay on the drug until I felt better,” says Dr. Peth, who works at the Sydney Centre for Integrative Medicine and is also the head of the Centre for Research on Therapeutic Agents (CRAT) at the National University of Singapore.

“I said, ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that, I’ll stay on this drug until the symptoms of Lyme disease improve.

But I’m not going to do that if I’m stuck on it for a month.'”

Peches experience with the drug helped shape his decision to move to Westglade, a village on the NSW-Queensland border in the NSW State of New South Wales. 

Peches and Nesbets had met at a research conference at the U of S, where they had both participated in the research.

The two were working on a research paper in which they wanted to find out whether the drug could be used to treat Lyme disease, which causes a rash on the skin and can cause a painful and painful and sometimes life-threatening illness.

The drug has been in the works for over a decade, and was the inspiration for the research that resulted in the first-ever clinical trial of the treatment. 

 “I’ve always had a love for Lyme,” says Peche, who is the director of the Lyme Disease Centre at the Australian National University.

“This was a real opportunity for me to really start to understand how to treat this disease.

I felt like I could contribute to that work.” 

 After receiving the first injection of the antibiotic, the researchers went home and re-examined their findings, which were encouraging. 

But then, in May 2017, the team was asked to move back to their research centre in Perth.

PECHE and NISBETS returned to Sydney to continue their work.

They then visited Dr. Gilders at the Centre, and the two were treated for Lyme. 

“I think I got the worst part of Lyme,” Nisbs says.

“The symptoms were horrible.

They weren’t just ‘sick’ and ‘diseases’.”  Gilder says he was concerned about how the team would react if they found out the researchers were returning to Westgates research facility, but said they were told that it was okay. 

GILDER AND PECHER IN THEIR NEW CENTRE “That was the biggest surprise for me,” says Gildern.

“There were people saying, ‘No, we can’t go back to WestGates, we’re not getting this drug’.

It was like a slap in the face.

It was really upsetting.” 

Dr. GILDER, who was working on the clinical trial, also had concerns about how he and his team were treated in Westgate, which he described as a “bizarre place” where he and Peched were “the only people in the building”.

“I just don’t understand how you’re treated in this place,” says Nisbets.

“When you are on a clinical trial for a drug, you’re supposed to go back into the lab.

But when you come back to your home village, it’s just weird. 

NISBET SAYS THEY WERE NOT ABLE TO GO HOME Dr Gildermans team had been working in Westglades research facility for a year and a half when the team came back to Sydney in April. 

At first, they were given three doses of the medicine, but then Dr. Patel and Dr Gildercert decided to give them three doses per day. 

He says they were then given a second batch of the medication in March, and a third batch in May. “

We were on a high dose regimen,” says Patel. 

He says they were then given a second batch of the medication in March, and a third batch in May.

The researchers say they felt the effects of the second batch, which included feeling “smoother, less sweaty” and less “in pain” but still “not quite cured”. 

 Dr Patel says he and Gildert were initially worried that they would have a relapse if they stopped taking the drug.

“It was a bit like, ‘How the hell are we going to stop this?'” he

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