‘Puerto Rico’s’ Puerto Rican-owned island will be renamed after slain cop

San Juan is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the death of the first police officer to be killed in the line of duty in the United States.

The new Puerto Rico police station is being built on a former police headquarters, where Puerto Rico Police Chief Ricardo Ramos, the first Puerto Rican police chief to be appointed to the position, was a commander, said Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.

The station will include a police library and police headquarters with two patrol cars, a police patrol and a police ambulance.

Ramos, who was killed in 2009, was one of the last officers to be shot in the field when he responded to a report of an intoxicated driver.

He was also one of seven police officers who were killed in a sniper attack.

The mayor also announced that the island’s first police academy will be created.

The academy will open in 2017 and the first graduating class will include more than 200 young people, according to the mayor.

The island will also host a National Police Academy, a service that helps students and adults with criminal justice issues.

The National Police Academies are held on U.S. territory, but Puerto Rico’s National Police is not a state agency.

The service has served as a training ground for law enforcement in the U..

S., including in Las Vegas, New York and Chicago.

Yulín Castillo, who heads the Puerto Rico National Police Association, said she has met with the police chief and is hopeful the project will help build trust with the community.

Castillo said the island has an “old tradition” of not naming its police stations after the deceased officers.

“There are no problems,” she said.

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