What happens when your favorite pizza villas go to the garbage?

What happens if your favorite pizzas are left to rot in the trash and no one wants to eat them?

That’s the story in Italy, where the country’s pizza industry is in the middle of a food crisis.

The Italian government has issued a call for pizza lovers to submit their pizza recipes to a pizza-makers guild and for all pizzas to be recycled.

That’s right, all pizzes should be returned to their original makers.

“This is a solution to the food shortage and is a way to help the food industry,” Luigi Bocchi, the countrys secretary for the food sector, told the AP.

“It’s a way of supporting the industry and ensuring the pizza will be used in the future.”

So far, there’s been no official announcement of how much pizza to give away.

Some of the more expensive, top-rated pizzas have been returned to the shops where they were manufactured, while others have gone to the landfill.

But there is a good chance they won’t be the last to go.

The situation has become so dire that the Italian government recently proposed that all of Italy’s 500 pizzerias and restaurant chains give away some of their pizzas, a move that would help alleviate the country´s food crisis and make the country a model for other countries.

It’s estimated that more than 7.5 million people in Italy are currently in food shortages.

According to the government, a quarter of Italians have no food and are eating only a handful of foods.

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