The Hidden Village Pizza in New York

Hidden Village has been a New York favorite for years.

And now, they’ve got a new location in Brooklyn.

The Hidden Villas Pizza is in Brooklyn, but will soon be moving to Queens. 

Hidden Villages has had a longstanding location in Manhattan since 2009.

The restaurant is the newest location, located at 636 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn Heights. 

The Hidden Villar Pizza is located in Brooklyn with plans to open a new restaurant in Queens by early 2021.

The location is currently open for lunch and dinner. 

“Hidden Villas has always been known for their incredible pizza,” the restaurant’s Facebook page reads.

“We’re thrilled to bring a new New York pizza experience to the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The newest location in our family will give the Hidden Villars pizza a new and unique home in the heart of Brooklyn.” 

Hidden Villar is also known for being the location of one of the most iconic moments in New Orleans Jazz history.

The iconic song “Hidden Villars” was written by the duo, Jonathan Villar and Robert “J.B.”

Varon and was performed at the New Orleans jazz club The Blue Room in February 1959. 

During that night, the two brothers, who were brothers, and their bandmate, Eddie Ransome, were caught in a fight.

The fight caused the band’s manager to be shot and killed. 

At the time, Jonathan and Robert were living in New Jersey and were still in mourning for their father, the bandmate and the musician who had been killed.

In addition to their music, the duo also played jazz and played the piano. 

It’s been said that the song “hidden village” was recorded on the piano while in the band. 

Hidden Village is a family owned business.

Its founders, Jonathan Varon, and Robert Villar, met in Brooklyn at the age of 9.

Jonathan was a lawyer and the oldest of three children.

His brother, Robert, was a professional athlete.

Their father, a retired postal worker, worked as a postal worker in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Jonathan graduated from high school and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America.

He went on to study at Yale and graduated from the Culpepper School of Culinary Arts at Culinary Academy in Brooklyn in 1964. 

He then moved to New York to be with his parents and later opened a restaurant in the city.

The Varon brothers moved to Brooklyn to open Hidden Villares Pizza in 1958. 

In 1960, the restaurant opened in Queens, New York.

By the time Jonathan and his bandmates left New York, the business was already expanding.

Hidden Villaris Pizza eventually expanded to Brooklyn, where it would be for nearly 70 years. 

A New York Times article from July of 1959 noted that Jonathan and Mr. Villar would go on to write, “The Song Hidden Villarus” on the back of a pizza box, which would later be used as the title of the song. 

Later that year, the Varon siblings moved to the Bronx to open the New York City branch of Hidden Villaries.

The new location was located in the Bronx and opened in 1962. 

 Hidden Villa Pizza has been the New Jersey location of the New Zealand-based restaurant since 2008.

The owners, Jonathan, and his wife, Judy, have been the owners of the restaurant since 2006. 

Judy Villar told the Times that her husband, Jonathan has been known to take his family for a day trip to New Zealand.

The brothers have taken a few trips since then and have been known, Judy Villar said, to visit “all of New Zealand.” 

The New York restaurant is currently located in a former warehouse on 5th Avenue in the South Bronx.

The company is working on plans to bring the new location to Brooklyn. 

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