‘It’s like we’re part of a family’: Maldives residents speak out about the devastating drought

VILLA DE LEYVA, Maldives – “It’s a sad day in the Maldives.”

It’s hard to describe how much this year has been like Christmas.

It started with a bang, but has not let up for almost two months.

It’s been a dark winter here in the island nation of 4 million, with some parts of the country having only one or two days of sunshine per week.

There is only one source of water left in the country.

The Maldives’ first-ever drought in almost 40 years has been affecting the most densely populated country in the Indian Ocean.

For many, this is a tragedy and a wake-up call.

But for the villagers, it is also a blessing.

This is how they describe the drought in Maldives.

In February, villagers across the country were told they would not be able to plant their gardens and that there would be no more rain.

The drought has taken a toll on the Maldivian economy, with the country’s GDP forecast to shrink by 10% by the end of the year.

The country’s population is expected to grow by 7.6 million in 2017, but its farmers are struggling.

The country has about 200 million people and there are more than 1,500 drought-affected communities.

“We are living in a time of desperation,” said Mr Mohamad Ibrahim, the head of the Maldiving Agricultural Association.

“The situation is bad and we are going through difficult times, but we are living on hope.

We have faith that God is with us.”

What is the drought?

The drought is mainly affecting the Maldive and Indian Ocean Islands, which together make up more than 70% of the island.

It is mainly caused by low rainfall, and the rains have been so erratic that the land has become increasingly dry.

What has been the impact?

The Maldivians are now in a state of emergency, and people are unable to buy food or water.

Many farmers have had to sell their land to get money to pay the bills.

A recent poll of Maldivans showed that about 70% think the drought is the worst drought since the Second World War.

It’s also the worst since the 1980s.

The rainy season starts on March 3 and ends on April 8.

It usually rains for up to 30 days in a year.

This year, the dry spell is not the only problem facing the Maldifians.

The island nation has been struggling with water shortages for years.

Water is a key commodity for the Maldi economy, which relies on agriculture for about 90% of its income.

With so much water in the sea, the island’s fishing industry is suffering.

The recent rains have also had a negative impact on the country, with fishermen not being able to catch any fish.

Many of the fishermen are being left out in the cold, and they have to sleep on the beach.

Many are also worried about the impact the drought has on tourism.

“Tourism has been suffering in Maldifias most important tourist destination, the Maldiva,” Mr Ibrahim said.

“But this is also affecting Maldivias food production.

The tourism industry is the mainstay of the economy.”

Are there any signs of a return to normal?

The government has started handing out food aid to people, including a free tin of milk.

Many have started stocking up on rice and other staple foods.

Some businesses have also started making repairs to their roofs.

However, there is still some uncertainty about how long the drought will last.

Some economists believe that it could last until 2019.

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