How much is it going to cost to live in a $300 million house?

In a stunning move, the family of Zach Villas Resort and Spa, a $3.6 billion property in the Pacific Northwest, has signed a new lease at its sprawling resort and is moving ahead with plans to open a $100 million luxury villa in a former military base in Oregon.

The move has been heralded as a major coup for the family, which is trying to expand its brand with the $300-million-plus project.

The new project will take up about a third of the existing villas and a third part of the grounds, which are slated for the next few years.

The Villas, which include four bedrooms and two bathrooms, are part of a $50-million investment by the company, a subsidiary of Marriott International, that is expected to add as many as 1,000 hotel rooms and a new resort-hotel complex, according to a statement from the family.

The company has also acquired an adjoining parking lot.

The deal is expected close in the first quarter of 2019, when the Villas’ lease expires.

The purchase of the parking lot comes as the family is seeking to expand into other areas, including another luxury villas in South Carolina, said Robert A. McAllister, a spokesman for the company.

The $3 billion resort has also been built by the Villases themselves.

They own the land, which the family has used for a number of years, and it is the only one of the villas that is not leased by the resort company, McAllisters said.

The project will be the largest of its kind in the United States.

It also is the first of its type in the Northwest, according with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The villas, located in the scenic Rose Quarter, will include two separate apartments and three separate guestrooms.

The property will also include a spa, swimming pool, golf courses and a restaurant.

The two new villas will be located on the grounds of the resort, and a resort-guesthouse will be built in the park next door, according the statement.

Zach Villases said the family will not be paying any rent for the villa.

It will be leased for the life of the lease, which expires in 2021, he said.

Mcallisters said the company has been working with the Villahs for several years to build a resort that is unique in the area.

He said the new villa will be a “great addition” to the resort and would help create a better community atmosphere.

Zach and his wife, Lauren, live in Washington and have five children.

Zach’s father, George, is the owner of the Chicago Cubs and has owned a hotel and casino in California.

Zachs mother, Laura, is an actor and the wife of actor Michael Cera.

A longtime Washington resident, Zach and Laura met while studying at Washington University.

Zach has been a regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

since 2014.

He is also a regular contributor to The Washington Post.

In December, the Villasses, who have been renting for the past three years, purchased a $10.5 million home on the property in West Bend, Wis., and built an outdoor pool there, Mcallister said.

Zach is also developing plans for a new hotel at the base of the Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state.

Zach, a former Navy SEAL, spent more than six years in Afghanistan, where he deployed in 2007.

He and his family have been on the front lines of combat, McTister said, and have received numerous awards.

Zach said he was excited about the new venture and is looking forward to seeing the Villashes at work.

Zach wrote in a letter to his family that the new hotel will include “a luxurious dining area, large fitness room, large dining room, and spa.

I am looking forward and looking forward for all the wonderful opportunities that await us!”

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