When the house of Villananda is invaded by terrorists, she is forced to flee

Villanandanda, a retired woman from rural Brazil, has been living in a one-bedroom apartment in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas since August 2015.She was one of thousands of residents evicted by Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, after a wave of anti-government protests.Villanandan’s husband, Roberto, was arrested last month after he went to the police station to protest […]

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Which is the best restaurant in the world?

There’s a reason the best restaurants in the U.S. are located in cities with thriving food scene, such as Austin and Los Angeles.But a new survey by restaurant critic and critic-in-residence at The Economist finds that many of the country’s most iconic and famous restaurants are still struggling.Among the most popular dishes are the classic […]

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What happens when you open a villa in Spain?

In a country with no shortage of expensive villas, there is a new luxury brand being launched in Spain, and its arrival has been greeted with enthusiasm.It is Sebastian Villa in Spain. The new brand, Sebastian, has created an island that, according to its website, is the first to be “invented by an individual in Spain”.It […]

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Villas villas ballanca &lakesides villas: Villas ballantano &lages villas

Villas balls and lakeside villa, in the town of Barone, is the villa ballantino in the heart of the town.Its name means “lake” in Italian. Villa Barone is a very small town of around 40,000 people, about two hours by train from Naples. The villas Ballantano, Villa Barone and Villa Gabbana are the most important ballantines, with […]

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How luxury villa in Argentina cost?

The $11,000 villa on a hill overlooking Pancho Villa, Argentina, is a former military outpost.It’s one of several such estates in the country that are selling for as much as $1.2 million, or more, for homes in Buenos Aires.The average price in the past few years has been around $2 million.And it’s all but impossible […]

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