Lucha Villas: How to Make a New Pizza for the Villas

The next time you’re at a pizza place and your pizza isn’t good enough, don’t worry, the owners are making sure you have a good excuse.

The owners of the Villa Pizza in Mexico City, one of the world’s most famous pizzerias, are offering a new pizza that features a variety of toppings and a cheese platter that’s been customized for each of the three villas on the property.

The new pizza, called Lucha Pizza del Villas, will come in a $6.99 box and will be available on the Villahost Pizza website.

The restaurant, which is operated by the family-owned family-run Villa pizza chain, has about 100 restaurants across the country and serves pizzas like a pizza joint, pie, and an Italian-inspired pie.

A family-style pizza will come with a cheese plate and an extra toppings box.

The menu includes: cheese platters with chorizo, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and onions, and a red sauce that’s spicy and sweet with tomatoes and onions; chicken pizza, with a tomato sauce, peppers and onions and a spicy tomato-based sauce; and the Villanha pizza, a pizza topped with a variety “of toppings.”

It also has a cheesecake with a cream cheese base and a pepperoni topping.

A cheesecake and pepperoni topped pizza costs $8.99.

A pepperoni pizza with pepperoni sauce and a cream cheesecake is $8, and pepperonis are $9.99 on the website.

A tomato pizza with tomato sauce and cheese sauce is $9, and tomato is $10 on the site.

Other toppings include a tomato, pepperoni and egg, which costs $6, and two cheese sticks, which cost $6 each.

The pizzas will come to the Villamarcas on October 27.

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