When is the next U.S. President going to be elected?

The new president’s first term will be marked by a big shift in foreign policy.

President Donald Trump has signaled he will seek to shift away from the Obama administration’s approach of “strategic patience” and toward a new approach that will push for tougher sanctions on Russia and a push for U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran.

But that may not be enough to make up for the loss of the popular vote that has pushed Trump to the presidency.

The country’s next president will also be asked to fulfill a campaign promise that he made in the first months of his presidency.

In a press conference after his inauguration, Trump said he will pursue a more muscular approach toward Russia and China, and that he will make a stronger statement on Iran.

The new administration has also begun taking a more confrontational approach toward China and North Korea.

Trump’s administration has begun to confront Beijing with economic sanctions, including a ban on new Chinese investments in the United States.

In addition, Trump has begun a campaign to pressure China over its trade practices.

The U.K. and France have also announced plans to impose trade and investment sanctions on China.

Meanwhile, in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to be inaugurated on Monday.

The Israeli leader’s swearing-in ceremony will be broadcast live on state television.

The ceremony will also see former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is widely expected to run in 2018 for a third term, take the oath of office as the country’s new president.

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