How to get rid of your own garbage, even if it’s your own house

I am the biggest loser of the whole thing.

I bought a house in my hometown of Los Angeles and am currently living there with my mother and two sisters.

But my house is not like most people’s.

It’s not even close to a “home.”

I have three roommates who have rented it out to others, but I have no friends.

So I bought a whole house in the neighborhood and started living there myself.

I call it my house and it is now my house, and I’ve been living there for six months.

My neighbors are friendly, but they also have their own issues with the house.

They don’t live there, they live there for their jobs, and they rent it out.

In the meantime, I’ve had to deal with the following: The kitchen has to be put on a truck, I have to do my laundry, I can’t have my cats out, and there are so many other issues.

Some of these problems are very serious.

Sometimes the neighbors think my mother is stealing my food, or that my mother can’t get to my house because it’s a park, and so they’re throwing garbage out the window.

Others are just really rude.

At other times, they’re kind.

Mostly, though, I don’t have a problem.

As far as I know, I’m the only person living in my house who doesn’t live alone.

There is a “spa” that the neighborhood neighbors use, and it’s very popular.

And I’m so happy to be living in a house where I can get a spa, I guess.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not still lonely.

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