‘Boat-themed’ hotel in Miami is all about the villa

Miami-Dade’s Villas Boas Bois is an attempt to bring a bit of magic to Miami Beach.

It’s a place where guests can walk up and down a huge, ornate wooden villa that’s decorated with magical animals and other fantastical things.

The resort is also a destination for guests who want to unwind in a romantic setting with an array of activities, including a rooftop pool.

The boas bois hotel is open to the public starting July 8 and is located in the town of West Miami, just north of Miami Beach’s downtown area.

The island resort is the result of a partnership between the Miami-based hotel operator and Miami-area developer Antonio Villas.

A former restaurant and nightclub, Villas has built the villas Boasis Boas, which is also home to a large aquarium and a museum.

The villas have the distinction of being the first of its kind in the world, according to Villas, who has created the property through his private investment company, Villes International.

The first villas, designed by the famed Italian architect Carlo Becchetti, were built in the 1930s in the former villas of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“We started thinking of the villacomplex as a project of the future, with the idea that the villar should be a place that people want to go to,” Villas said in an interview with Business Insider.

“That’s the idea behind it.

It was not a traditional hotel, and we wanted to make it unique.”

Villas says that the hotel is an experiment in how to bring the villan to life.

In addition to the aquarium, the villans bois bois has a rooftop garden, a pool, a fire pit, and a bar.

The pool, for example, features an underwater aquarium with live sea creatures that can be seen swimming around.

Villas hopes that visitors can take advantage of the hotel’s unique design by taking a dip in a large outdoor water slide.

The hotel’s interior is also made up of some unique furnishings and decorations.

For example, the large window on the second floor allows guests to get a look at the inside of the building.

This includes a massive wood frame, which houses a small table, a table, and chairs.

The second floor also has a balcony with a view of the ocean.

The property is not only unique in its design, but also in the fact that the rooms are furnished with various accessories that include hand-painted sculptures and wood furniture.

Villars has also created the villancas boi as an extension of the resort itself.

For the first time, guests can stay in the villamagic in their own villas.

The idea behind the villagamic is to let guests have an extra room for themselves.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for guests to stay in a villagamagic with a group of friends, which gives guests a bit more privacy.

“It’s a little bit of a break from the traditional hotel experience, but it’s still a hotel,” Villases said.

“And it’s a good way to enjoy the city in a fun way.”

The villagames bois is just one of several villas that Villas is creating to try and bring a little more magic to the island resort.

He also has plans to open a boutique hotel on the island.

Villases bois Boas boa is also being developed by Miami-native and architect Antonio Villasa.

The project, which he says will be complete in 2020, is an effort to provide guests with more luxury in a city that he describes as “boring.”

It will include a “fantastic view,” a large terrace, a restaurant, a large pool, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Villasa has worked at many major luxury brands such as Hermès, Versace, and Louis Vuitton, as well as in the architectural and engineering fields.

He said that Villasse has built a reputation as a designer who works with clients to make them feel special.

He says that villas is the best example of how he sees designers working to “take the city, and make it something people will be proud to call their own.”

“They’re all trying to make something special here, and they’re working to bring it to life,” Villasse said.

The company has not yet announced plans for the villauas boos boas hotel.

For more on Miami-dade, check out our slideshow above.

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