How to find a good job in Montreal

A lot of people ask me how to find jobs in Montreal.

I say I can’t, because theres no one that will help you.

Here’s a list of the top jobs in the city, in order of how many jobs you’ll need to have a job.

First, let me explain how I got to this point.

I have two jobs, both very different and I’m a big fan of both.


I’m in charge of the HR department at a large chain store in Montreal (TGI Fridays).

This is a large, fast-casual chain, so they need to be able to hire and train new staff.

This means I have to get the right skills, including working with a manager, in-house HR, and the like.

It means working with people who are not experienced in the field.

It also means having to learn the ropes of being an HR professional in this field.

I love this job, but I’ve never been good at it.

It’s so different from my previous job.


I am the HR rep at a major restaurant chain.

It means that I have the time and the energy to work on this job.

It requires a lot of knowledge about HR, HR software, and HR training.


I work as a sales rep for a chain store.

Like with the other jobs, this requires a large amount of experience in sales.

This one is much more technical and requires a big team of people to do the right things.

I hate this job so much.


I write a blog about the different types of businesses in the area.

I specialize in small business, so I’m usually able to write about a few of them in a day.

This blog is about the most expensive and difficult type of business to start in Montreal, which means it is a big, expensive, and time-consuming job.

I try to stay away from the higher end of the spectrum.


I teach a few different courses about HR.

If you are looking for a good-paying job, this is the one to go for.


I have a full-time job at a private company.

I also work on an internship program.


I do freelance writing for companies in the Toronto area.


I train a lot at the Montreal offices of a large HR firm.

I need to understand their processes and their systems and how they handle all kinds of different scenarios.

This is the hardest job I have ever done, but it’s also the most rewarding.


I help a coworker get an interview.


I run a small online business with a few employees.

Theres no job in Canada I would rather do than this job (though there are many I would).

I think theres a lot more of the higher-end job-hunting experience in Canada than in the United States.

I’m sure you have other jobs you want to see, but you can find them in this list of top jobs.

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