How luxury villa in Argentina cost?

The $11,000 villa on a hill overlooking Pancho Villa, Argentina, is a former military outpost.

It’s one of several such estates in the country that are selling for as much as $1.2 million, or more, for homes in Buenos Aires.

The average price in the past few years has been around $2 million.

And it’s all but impossible to find a listing for a villa this large.

That makes it one of the country’s most expensive properties.

This is the story of how this luxury home came to be.

The villa has been vacant since 2005.

Read moreWhat’s inside: A 5,000-square-meter (28,400-square foot) property at Panchos Villa, located in Argentina’s northern province of Santa Marta, sits empty for more than 25 yearsThe property’s history: The property was built in 1955 and is located in the area of Santa Martin and Santa Lucia mountains in Santa Martana province.

It has a private garden and is the oldest in Argentina, dating back to 1790.

It was bought in 2005 for $3.5 million.

The property is now part of the Santa Martan family.

But it was also once the home of the Argentine army.

In 2005, it was used as a base for training and exercises by the Argentine military.

It also housed a number of elite units.

After a long period of neglect, the military began buying up properties in other parts of the state, like Santa Martena and Santa Cruz, to use as a training and base for soldiers and other personnel.

The army had several reasons to buy the property.

The government wanted to keep the area in the hands of the people, and it wanted to protect the environment.

The military wanted the land to be protected from development.

“This property, at that time, was a base of operations for a lot of the troops,” said Carlos Marcello, the owner of the property, in an interview with local radio station Radio Oeste.

Marcello bought the property for $1,000,000.

He has since sold it for an estimated $1 million.

It was a hard sell, because it was in such poor condition.

Marcelli’s wife died when he was in his 30s, and he was forced to sell the property after her death.

He eventually sold it to his brother.

The former military compound was sold to the state of Argentina, which gave the property to the Santa Maria family, who also owns the land.

Argentina has a reputation for being very expensive in terms of property.

But the property was only a fraction of the real estate, Marcellos family said.

In 2006, a state of emergency was declared in Argentina after the 2010 earthquake, which left more than 150,000 people dead.

It caused widespread damage to the economy and property.

A year later, in 2011, a judge ordered the sale of the villa to a group of Argentines who bought it for $2.2 billion.

It is now owned by a local real estate company.

The government decided to use the money to build a new military base in Santa Lucia.

It sold the property in 2012 to the family of a local politician who had worked for the government.

In 2013, the president, Mauricio Macri, announced a plan to turn the land into a luxury resort.

It was an ambitious project, but not without problems.

The new base would require a large amount of public funds, and the family had little control over it.

The area around the property has been largely closed to the public for years.

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