The world’s biggest yacht: The villa Milano (5,300 ft.)

With its luxurious villa, it’s hard to believe it’s just a modest home.

But if you’re wondering if a modest house is worth $4.9 million (or more), you’re not alone.

And it’s a house built by a couple with a little money on their side.

Read more Here’s how it works The Milano, a four-bedroom, 5,300-ft. yacht built by Italian billionaire Giuseppe “Gigi” Pignatelli, has just gone on sale for $4,921,000.

That’s a whopping sum for a four bedroom house, and it comes with everything you’d expect: a big living room with a fireplace, a huge private bath, and a kitchen with a microwave and a fridge.

The boat’s exterior is also made from wood, making it even more impressive in the water.

There’s even a roof, which Pignato says is a very good thing because it allows for the house to “sink in and out.”

There’s a lot more room than a typical two-bedroom house, so Pignatto says he’s actually used to his house being “like a tiny boat,” and he’s not concerned about it being cramped.

He also says he plans on adding a lot of amenities, including a garage, a swimming pool, and even a tennis court.

And yes, Pignatinas home is really spacious.

“It’s a really nice home, you could even say it’s luxurious,” Pignaton said.

“The house is really large and it’s very, very big.

I’m not sure if that is the best word to describe it, but it’s like a boat.”

The home is built on a site that is now part of the Pignatala estate, and the interior is made up of the yacht’s six main floors.

That means that if you look at the house, you can really see that there’s a whole lot going on, from the kitchen and living room, to the swimming pool and living area, and all the way up to the roof.

But the main reason Pignateri bought the Milano was to build it on a very small lot.

“I wanted to build the house on a smaller, more intimate scale,” Parnatelli told the BBC.

“A few hundred square meters of the house is used to create this amazing, living space.”

He explained that the house itself is designed to be completely self-contained, with no windows, doors, or even a kitchen, and that he’s done all of the work himself.

The house is also meant to be “super clean,” Pernatelli said, meaning that there are no furniture, appliances, or anything else on the house.

And as with any home, Pernato says that the home will have to be kept in top shape.

“When you’re building a house, if you need to replace something, it’ll be done by me,” he said.

There are no bathrooms on the home, which is a huge plus.

“If I have a problem, I’ll just take the shower,” Pvernatelli joked.

Pernatto told the British newspaper the Times that there is an elevator on the boat, which can be used for visitors to and from the house as well as for people living there. “

So you can just sit and look at a shower, go to bed, and you won’t be bothered.”

Pernatto told the British newspaper the Times that there is an elevator on the boat, which can be used for visitors to and from the house as well as for people living there.

But it’s not a luxury that anyone will want to live in.

The Milanos home will be the most expensive property in the world to buy, with the average price of a property in Manhattan currently hovering around $5.7 million.

But even the house isn’t the most luxurious.

Pignati said he’ll have the most comfortable couch in the house at one point, with two beds and a “very, very comfortable” king-size mattress.

And he’s also planning on adding some custom finishes to the house’s exterior, including an exterior tile with a unique design that shows the house from all angles.

The Pignats have also already spent over $6 million to make sure the interior of the Milanones home is as well-appointed as possible, and there’s even more to come.

Pernatati also said he plans to spend a lot on furnishings and furnishings.

“We’re not just going to buy a sofa or a king-sized bed, we’re going to have a really great dining table, and then there are a lot better chairs that I’m going to be able to add,” he explained.

“But I don’t want it to look like a tiny house.”

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