‘Crazy Rich Asians’ to Have ‘Craziest Villain’ in Series 4

The TV adaptation of the bestselling book series by the same name is set to feature a “crazy rich Asian” who is obsessed with killing all Asians in the show’s universe.

The news comes via MTV News, who spoke with executive producer Scott Meyer, who told the outlet that the character is not an Asian character in any way.

“He’s just a very dark, violent, and crazy rich Asian,” Meyer told MTV News.

“He’s a killer.

He’s a psychopath.

He loves killing people.

He has a big hatred for Asians.

And he’s an ex-military, so he’s a very hard-core soldier.”

According to the website of TV Guide, the character’s name will be the same as that of “a famous actor who played a villain in the film ‘The Longest Yard,’ a film that featured the character ‘the man with a knife.'”

The actor who portrayed the character, Peter Sarsgaard, also plays a leading role in the series.

The series, which is slated to premiere on April 23, 2018, follows the exploits of a young American businessman who moves to China and eventually gets a job as an undercover cop working for the Chinese government.

According to Meyer, the series will take place in a fictional city that resembles Shanghai and is populated by a mixture of Chinese, Korean, and American citizens.

The show will be produced by FX Productions, the same studio behind FX’s “Empire,” “American Horror Story,” and “Louie.”

Meyer and FX have been friends for years, and Meyer and FX executive producer Andrew Kreisberg met while working together on “Escape From New York.”

Meyer, Kreisburg, and other executive producers from the series are set to executive produce the series alongside FX president of television, Adam Reed.

The news comes just days after it was announced that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Scandal” creator Jenji Kohan and her husband, Jody Hill, would be returning to the series for its fourth season.

Both shows will be heading into their ninth seasons on April 24, 2019.

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