‘Paint Me Thai’ is a Paint-it-yourself video game that’s more than just an interactive game

Paint-It-Yourself, a video game based on the painting of your own home, is a recent addition to the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld consoles.

Its creator is a woman named Vicky Lam, who describes herself as a “hippie artist who loves to paint.”

Lam has made a series of other video games that are also a lot more interactive, such as Paint- it-Your Self 2: Paint Me Thai.

Lam, whose real name is Koko Kavu, has made the art-filled game in partnership with a Japanese developer called Shinko, which has made other games based on Thai culture.

The two-person company has released the game on iOS, Android, and Mac, and it is available for $6.99 on both Apple and Google Play.

Like the painting game, Paint- It-Your-Self 2 uses a simple paint-like material that Lam has crafted into a virtual painting of her home, which can be moved around the house.

You can also pick up an avatar of your avatar in the game and then paint it.

If you want to, you can paint the house in your own image, too.

Lam said that her goal is to help people see themselves through her virtual creations.

“I like to create the world for myself, so I like to make people think of their own world,” she told the New York Times.

“If you paint a room, it becomes a world.

But I think you need to think about yourself, and that is what I am trying to do.”

Paint-Me-Thai, which was developed with the help of a small team of people, has been around since early last year, and Lam said it took a year to build.

The first version of the game, which ran on the Nintendo Switch, had players painting their own house.

Lam says the second version has had more people playing, with more than 100,000 people participating in the Kickstarter campaign.

“It’s not just for the people that want to paint, it’s also for those who want to look at it and interact with it,” she said.

“So, people can come and see their house and see the paint that they put in their house.

But that’s not what we want to do.

Paint- Me-Thail is about people being able to experience and connect with their own creativity.”

Lam says that while people have painted their own homes before, this is the first time they have done it with their real life friends.

“We want to be able to paint and connect and share our own creations and our own experiences,” she explained.

“And we think that that’s the future.”

In a way, Paint Me- Thai is a bit like the iPad game Apple made with a couple of Japanese developers.

Lam and Shinkos founder, Toshiyuki Nishigori, had previously worked on a game called A-Frame, which allowed players to create their own games using an iPad.

They also developed the first iOS app called Kaleidoscope that was built with the iPad.

But both games were meant for the iPad’s Game Center, and they didn’t make it to the App Store.

Lam was initially inspired to make Paint-Its-Yourselves after hearing about the Japanese gaming culture.

“When I was studying Japanese and reading about the culture, I thought, ‘Wow, these are really cool,'” Lam said.

Lam went on to build Paint- Its-Yourmself as a way to experience Japanese culture.

It’s also similar to other games she’s made.

Lam is hoping that the game can be used by people who aren’t Japanese to learn more about the world.

“In Japan, it has this really cool, quirky sense of community,” she added.

“You can come to a cafe, and people are chatting and making jokes and playing games.

In Thailand, the culture is a little bit different, and you can’t have a lot of fun playing games.”

Lam hopes that the next version of Paint- Him will have the same appeal.

“People want to interact with each other,” she remarked.

“They want to know more about themselves and what they like and what doesn’t.

So, I think the next game will have a little more of that.

And the people who enjoy it will like it more.

So we hope that people who like our game, will like our next game, too.”

Lam is also looking to expand the appeal of Paint Me.

She wants to make it available for people who might not normally play video games.

“A lot of people have not played video games,” Lam said, “so we want them to experience the game again.”

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