When the villa pizza comes to town

VILLA FRANCA, Brazil — When the villas pizzeria came to town in the 1990s, it brought a slew of new customers to Brazil, and its owners are now seeking to replicate the experience in other cities. 

The owners of the Domaine Villa Pizza Parlor have filed an application with the Federal Court of Justice for permission to move forward with plans to open a new villa, located in the city of San Paulo, to accommodate tourists and visitors alike. 

“Domaine Villa was the pioneer in the country of Domaine-Casa Grande, which is the capital of the state of Paraná,” said the Domaina Pizza Parlors president, Josefio Sotelo, in a press release. 

In order to achieve this, the pizza parlor plans to create a 3,000-square-meter villa in the area that would serve as a hub for visitors to enjoy a local speciality: Pizza. 

“[The] villas are being built with a view to be a hub of the tourist season,” Sotela said. 

Sotelo told the Associated Press he believes the new villas would become an important source of revenue for the city. 

Domaine Villas, which will feature a restaurant, a bar, and a bar-like dining area, will have a maximum capacity of 1,000 guests, but Sotelo said that he’s confident that a second villa will open in the coming years to accommodate other guests. 

According to the AP, the first villa was opened in 2005 and is now used by around 3,600 guests.

In order for the Villas to be able to offer its specialties in its new villis, Domaine Villans owners are hoping to get the local government’s approval. 

For now, the Domains owners are using a local contractor to build the new structure, and it’s expected to open in 2020. 

While the Villa Pizza will likely serve as the base of the villahouse, Sotoloes plans to build a second restaurant in the future, as well as an outdoor pool, spa, and bar. 

This is not the first time Domaine has opened a villa for tourism in Brazil. 

Back in 2012, the city-state’s first villas were opened in the early 1990s. 

However, the owners have since changed the name of their brand to Domaine Pizza Parliera, which means “village” in Portuguese. 

Now that the villahs have been closed, Domains plans to begin building the new facility with a local partner, according to the news agency.

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