How to make the best pizza in the world

In the age of the pizza oven, the perfect pizza is no longer a mystery, but it can be made at home.

We asked our friends at Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza chain, what they thought of the best pizzas around the world.

In this episode, they share their recipes.


A pizza from Italy with pepperoni, garlic and a bit of oregano.

It’s not the most spectacular, but this is a good example of how a bit more complexity can go a long way.


A very special pizza made in Chile using the ingredients found in the country’s famed cheese, which makes it slightly different to the Italian style.


The perfect pizza made from scratch in the US, using only the finest ingredients.

This is one of the most versatile pizzas we’ve ever tried, and is an easy one to prepare.


A Pizza from Italy made with pepperoncini and mozzarella, with a simple crust.


A simple, no-frills pizza with pizza sauce and cheese, and no sauce or toppings at all.


A perfectly cooked pizza from Chile with the sauce and toppings you can’t find in the USA.


A delicious, creamy, no frills pizza made with a whole range of ingredients and a whole new level of pizzazz.


A beautifully hand-rolled pizza made entirely with fresh pizza ingredients, without any crust at all!


A truly classic, classic pizza, one of our favourites.


A classic Italian pizza made only from scratch, without toppings.

We’re sure it’s the most popular one out there, but why not try it?


A recipe for a pizza that is more than just a simple pizza.

It uses the very best ingredients in the pizza world, and it has all the flavour you need to satisfy your taste buds.

We think you’ll agree with our verdict.

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