This Is Where the Summer of Love Is: The 20 Most Anticipated Summer Movies

We can all feel the pressure to be the one to hit the big time, but for a few months this year, the Summer Of Love will be filled with so many of us that it can be a real challenge.

This is where the Summer Is, in case you need reminding.

The year’s biggest summer movie of all time is also the most anticipated summer movie in history, and we’ve put together our picks for the top 20 most anticipated films of the year.

It will be fun, and the Summer is here!

Let’s do this.1.

The Greatest Showman 2: The Great Escape, Fox (2017)As soon as you hear that the movie that’s been described as “the greatest showman movie in the history of the world” is about a guy who escapes from prison, it’s hard to argue with that description.

That’s what makes The Greatest Showmen so perfect: It’s about an escape artist who has a plan that works and doesn’t go as planned, and who doesn’t give up.

What could possibly go wrong?

It also happens to be one of the best movies of 2017.2.

The Hateful Eight, Walt Disney Studios (2017)(3)While this isn’t the most hotly anticipated film of the summer, The Hateful is definitely the best, and it deserves that high praise.

It’s a thriller about the FBI’s involvement in the JFK assassination, and about a man who wants to stop that from happening again.

The story is so compelling that it’s likely the movie is more relevant than the assassination itself, but the movie isn’t just a film about JFK and the assassination, it also features a character named John D. Kennedy who doesn`t like the way things are going and tries to change things.

The movie is about everything and everyone in it.3.

The Martian, Paramount Pictures (2017(4)While there were a few big-name releases coming out in 2017, The Martian was the most talked about, and rightly so.

It is one of a kind, a sci-fi epic that tells the story of an astronaut who’s trapped in a giant space habitat for nine months.

It`s a story that’s just as compelling and compelling as any of the other films in the franchise, and has the potential to be a big hit.4.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Fox Searchlight Pictures (2016)(5)This film is the most popular, and probably the most critically acclaimed of the 2017 summer movies, and I really feel like we’re in for a treat when we get to see it in theaters.

It takes place during the final days of World War II, and after the American’s have been forced to abandon their military bases in Europe, they set out to find a way to survive in the desolate wasteland that surrounds them.

But when they are attacked by a mysterious force, it takes them on a journey that’s both terrifying and exciting, and is a perfect way to wrap up the summer.5.

Zootopia, Walt’s Animation (2017)*6.

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, Sony Pictures Classics (2017**)7.

Couples Retreat, Focus Features (2017*8)8.

Girlfriend Is In Her 20s, Warner Bros. (2017 9)9.

In The Heart Of The Sea, Universal Pictures (2014)10.

Kong: Skull Island, Walt Co. (2014 11)11.

The Good Dinosaur, Pixar (2014*12)12.

The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog (2014 13)13.

The Shape Of Water, Disney (2014 14)14.

The Revenant, Disney/Pixar (2014 15)15.

Black Panther, Marvel Studios (201416)16.

Loving, Universal (201417)17.

The Mummy, Disney Films (2014 18)18.

The Lego Batman Movie, Warner Brothers (201419)19.

Gravity, Paramount (201420)20.

Mudbound, Universal/Legendary (201421)21.

The Jungle Book, Disney Animation (201422)22.

The Big Short, Warner/DC Films (201323)23.

The Nice Guys, Universal Studios (201324)24.

The Wolf Of Wall Street, Warner / Disney (201325)25.

The LEGO Movie, Pixar/Blumhouse (201326)26.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marvel (201327)27.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant, Sony / Columbia Pictures (201328)28.

Liar, Fox Films (201229)29.

Saving Mr Banks, Focus (201230)30.

The Imitation Game, Disney / Pixar (201231)31.

Incendies, Fox/Sony Pictures Classics / Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Animation (201232)32.

The Walk, Fox / Columbia / Universal / Dreamworks Animation (201133)33.

Lone Survivor, Universal

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