Greek villas paint by artist ‘Paint on the Walls’ as climate change threatens villas

By Paul Vassallo, Business Insider – 6 September 2018 | 12:58:36 – 0 commentsThe Greek village of Villas Marias, known as Piazza Marias in Spanish, has been a popular tourist attraction for decades.

But the future of the village has come under threat by climate change.

A new report shows that in just the past two decades, the VillasMarias is being painted over by climate-related causes, such as wildfires and landslides.

The climate change threat is the latest twist in the story of the Greek villa, which dates back to the 1600s and was a center of Greek culture.

The island was once the most beautiful in the world, but is now facing the threat of climate change and flooding.

Its not just a question of the villas now being painted, but also the construction of new villas, and the fact that the villa was built on top of an existing one.

“The main reason for the deterioration is because of the deterioration of the infrastructure and infrastructure works.

The problem is the deterioration in the infrastructure.

The villas are not being constructed on top,” said Aris Voutilou, who has been living in Villas marias for about two years.

He has been working with the local authorities to repair the village’s infrastructure, but said the damage could be irreversible.

“I’m not sure that we’ll be able to recover.

We have already had two years to repair.

There is a lot of damage already,” he told Business Insider.

A series of wildfires have devastated the area.

The Villasmarias is located in the coastal area of Piraeus, near Athens.

Voutilu said there were fires that burnt through the surrounding areas, damaging buildings, and forcing people to evacuate their homes.

The fire that destroyed Villas is one of several that have burned through the area in recent years.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint the causes.

But the climate change is the main cause,” he said.

Villas Marians are located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.

The islands have been an important cultural attraction for generations.

The village was originally built by Greek aristocrats during the Roman Empire, and it was named after the founder of the country, Aristotle Voutilus.

Today, it is home to some of the richest people in the Greek world, including billionaire Roman Abramovich and his wife Miriam Abramovich.

Vassallo told Business News Daily that the Greek people are not taking climate change very seriously.

“We’re not being too optimistic.

But I think there is still a chance to save the village,” he added.

The next step is for the Greek government to come up with a plan to protect the villes from climate change, Vassalli said.

“If they do not do that, then the future will not be good.

They will be losing this beautiful island,” he predicted.

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