When you’re on a break: Why you should visit the Villa serenas apartments

When you have a break from your job, you might want to make a break to one of the villas in Villa Serena.These are a popular place for those looking for a change of scenery.There are also great views of the sea from some of the balconies.Villa Serenea apartments, Villa Severna Road and Villa Severia […]

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Why the house was the first to sell in Australia

Villas are not necessarily the most desirable parts of a property, but it’s the way they’re constructed that makes them so attractive.FourFour2 spoke to a housebuilder about the unique attributes of a villa.What is a villas purpose?Why would you want to live in one?Read moreRead more:What’s the best way to prepare for your next holiday?The […]

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What you need to know about the first ever tattoo parlour in Europe

In a small, rustic, and unassuming building, in a village in northern Italy, a tattoo parlor has emerged as the first place to get a tattoo of your favorite local politician, from President to a mayor.In the past decade, tattoo parlers in Italy have increasingly taken up the task of helping tattoo artists in their […]

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Villas in Italy: The real villas of the Riviera

Villas and resorts in Italy are full of gorgeous, historic villas.And they’re a lot more affordable than the luxury homes we see in the U.S. and elsewhere.But there are also plenty of real-life villas and resort homes that could make you rethink your dream vacation spot.The Riviera, in the Mediterranean Sea, is home to some […]

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When the house of Villananda is invaded by terrorists, she is forced to flee

Villanandanda, a retired woman from rural Brazil, has been living in a one-bedroom apartment in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas since August 2015.She was one of thousands of residents evicted by Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, after a wave of anti-government protests.Villanandan’s husband, Roberto, was arrested last month after he went to the police station to protest […]

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